No More Magic with Lakers

Los Angeles, CA — Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced on Tuesday night that he is stepping down as the Lakers President of Basketball Operations. The Lakers had high expectations this year after Johnson helped the Lakers land Superstar LeBron James in free agency. Injuries to LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma during a tough stretch in the season, derailed any hopes that the Lakers had on making the playoffs.

 Two years ago, Lakers owner Jeannie Buss fired her brother and then President, Jim Buss, and hired Magic Johnson to take over the Lakers franchise. Johnson, who had won five championships with the Lakers as a player, was hired as President to help restore the winning culture in the organization. Unfortunately for Johnson, the Lakers failed to make the playoffs for the 6th year in a row. The criticism of Johnson continued when he failed in his attempt to trade for Anthony Davis during the NBA All Star break. After Johnson wasn't able to add another Superstar next to LeBron James, the pressure mounted, and negative backlash continued from the fans, sports talk shows and media.

 Before Johnson took over, the Lakers had a bunch of young talent with no cap space to sign a free agent.  After Johnson’s departure, the Lakers are now left with cap space, LeBron James, and up and coming talent. Are the Lakers better off with or without Johnson? Let us know what you think.