MLB Standings, Playoff Picture

This is the last month of the 2018 MLB regular season it comes to an end Sunday, Sept. 30, which means the postseason is now only four weeks away. There are still plenty of postseason races that will need to be decided between now and then. We will look at the NL and AL division leaders and also the potential Wild Card game matchups. 


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NL West leader: Rockies (77-62)

Currently the Colorado Rockies have a 1 1/2 game lead over second place Los Angeles Dodgers and they are two games ahead over the Arizona Diamondbacks. They have six games left against the Dodgers and seven against the Diamondbacks. We could look at that as a tough road or as an opportunity. If the Rockies want to take the West, they can simply take care of business within it. 

NL Central leader: Cubs (83-57)

The Cubs have a 4 1/2 game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers and the also have the best record in the NL and if they are able to hold of the rest of the NL Central they will be heading to the postseason once again. The Cubs do have five games left against the Brewers and three against the Cardinals, in order for them to win their third straight NL Central title. 

NL East leader: Braves (76-63) 

The Braves have three game lead over the Phillies who is itching to make a case for themselves within these last few weeks. They close the season by playing the Phillies seven of their last 10 games. 


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NL Wild Card leader: Brewers (79-62) & Runner up Cardinals (78-62)

The NL Central is definitely strong this year which might end up with two of the three teams making it to the postseason and a one fighting for the Wild Card spot. The Brewers still have a chance of taking the division but they will have to win out against the Cubs and that still only evens them up in the loss column. The Cardinals on the other hand are only a 1/2 back of the Brewers for the Wild Card leader spot and they have a four game series against the Dodgers and three gamer against the Brewers that they must win in order to keep their playoffs hopes alive. 

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AL East leader: Red Sox (95-44)

The best team in baseball the Boston Red Sox have 9 1/2 lead over the Yankees and looks like they will win out the AL East division title. They do have to deal with the Yankees six more times, so they probably shouldn't lose all six. Still, it looks like most of September is going to be the Red Sox to prep for the postseason in October.

AL Central leader: Indians (80-60)

The Indians have a 16 1/2 game lead with a few weeks left no need to say more they will win the AL Central division title. 

AL West leader: Astros (87-53)

The defending champs have a close lead over the A's who trail them 3 1/2 games back. It is a clear path for a second straight division title for the Astros if they don't somehow self destruct they don't have any games left against the A's this season. 


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AL Wild Card leader: Yankees (87-53) & Runner up Athletics (84-57)

The Yankees aka Bronx Bombers seem pretty locked into a wild-card spot, but they definitely have something to play for and it's getting that wild card game at home, like last season. The Athletics can really push for home field advantage in the wild card but the most likely outcome is ending up in the second wild-card spot.