Must Win For Texans on Sunday

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Houston, TX — The Houston Texans are one of three winless teams in the NFL right now. The fans are scratching their heads wondering what's wrong, and the question still remains is it DeShaun Watson or Bill O'Brien play calling.

DeShaun Watson has looked elusive on the run and it's noticeable that he still is concerned following an ACL tear that he suffered last year.

He still delivers a better ball than his throwing motion and release suggest, and he can make just about any throw as long as he willing to get out the pocket and make plays.

He tends to cover too much ground when he's moving within the pocket, and he can be slow to move past reads that aren't open. At 23 years old he still has plenty of time to improve and he needs to become mechanically tighten and more disciplined.

The Texans failings thus far can be best pen to the underperforming offensive line, and at bottom three unit in 2017 that managed to somehow get worse over the offseason.

Injuries to right tackle Seantrel Henderson in week 1 which prompt Julien Davenport to be moved from left tackle to right tackle. Then in week three, starting guard Senio Kelemete was injured in pregame warm-ups and replace by backup Greg Mancz, in which further through that unit out of whack. The results of that shake up have been disastrous from a schematic point of view, and quarterback DeShaun Watson's been pressure on it NFL league high 49% of his drop-backs.

Making things worse, the offensive line keeps committing drive killing penalties, putting Watson in Endless 3rd down and long-distance situations. The Texans offense despite all its deficiencies doesn't feel too far off. Bill O'Brien and that offensive staff has to find more ways to work around and offensive line that's not likely to get much better. If they don't the Texans could be in for a very long season.

The Texas need to correct there issues if they have any chance to get there first win this Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.