Rough start for Deshaun Watson in season opener

Charles Krupa

Photo via Charles Krupa

The Houston Texans came up short with the 27-20 lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon.

In spite of losing by only one touchdown the notable criticism was the decision by the Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien not to call timeout on the Patriots final drive before the half.

O'Brien decided to clarify his position on not opting to call a timeout one day after disputable catch by the New England Patriots all pro tight end Rob Gronkowski. O'Brien said he thought about using a time out to give New York the chance to review the play but ultimately didn't want to stop the clock for the Patriots in case the call was not overturned.

Coaches aren't allowed to throw the red flag during the final two minutes of the half. O'Brien was aware that he can call a timeout which he have 3 by the way but insisted on what he was told from the coaches booth at the time and his vantage point on the field that Rob Gronkowski caught the ball.

O'Brien was convinced that it look like from the field that he had made the catch, but since he can't benefit from seeing nine different angles he continue to let the clock run.

DeShaun Watson look very timid erratic and of course the offensive line couldn't pass protect and once again Bill Belichick took away the Texans strength and may Bill O'Brien very predictable in his play-calling.

The Houston Texans was only 2-11 on 3rd downs and the office rush for more yards than they did passing yards.

The Patriots defense held DeAndre Hopkins two under a hundred yards receiving while keeping DeShaun Watson contained in the pocket to where he can't scramble and make plays.

The office was only able to score six points which was two field goals in the first half. New England was consistent with exposing this matches to confused the Texans defense while Rob Gronkowski was able to catch seven receptions 123 yards and a touchdown.

Even though this is a tough loss Houston still has time to regroup, adjust, and get back to playing winning football. They have a crucial divisional Showdown against the Tennessee Titans next Sundayin Nashville.