Texans win second Preseason Game

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Photo via Yahoo.com

DeShaun Watson continues to look like a perennial quarterback in this league. He led the Texans first offense drive to a touchdown including a fourth-and-one play that was very compelling. Ellington lined up in the slot on the right side of the goal line. He didn't run a route. He just turned around at the snap, Watson threw a dart right between the number 12 on Ellington's jersey for the touchdown.

Watson continues to show toughness in the pocket on the rush, a quick release, zip on his throws mainly to the deeper median areas of the field.The Texans offensive line protect the quarterback fairly well producing zero sacks for the second game.

D Watson.jpg

Photo: Brett Coomer

The defense ability to generate turnovers is a great sign for the season. Two interceptions are an excellent glimpse in regards of how the unit inability to create turnovers last year. The Texans have created three turnovers in two games which is an excellent indication to the mentality of the secondary whether preseason or not.

Rookie outside linebacker Duke Ejiofor continues to standout mostly on special teams having three tackles on the night. The penalty seems to overshadow the night with 23 committed. This could be a concerning issue with the new helmet rule something to pay attention to during the regular season. The start of the regular season is September 9th and it will arrive in 3 weeks, but for now the Houston Texans will fly out to the city of Los Angeles to take on the LA Rams Saturday afternoon.