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 The premier league will never disappoint we had a weekend full of emotion and great football! We didn’t expect any less had some expected wins and had some upsets here is a breakdown of what happened and what to expect in this upcoming weekend derby!


Powerhouse Top 3


They came in guns blazing the same way they left last year. Goal after goal it was just beautiful, Liverpool fans rejoiced and couldn’t be happier starting off with a win in Anfield against West ham United. The board opened at the 19th minute by the man that had an entire country on his shoulders during the World Cup, and 32 goals last season, Mohamed Salah, with a great assist from Andy Robertson! I have a strong feeling he’s back with a vengeance from getting injured during the champions league and will not disappoint. Goals number 2 and 3 came from Sadio Mané the first right before the half and the second at the 53rd minute which clearly was offsides but still awarded the goal. The 4 goal to seal the shut out was from Daniel Sturridge who came on for Salah and a beautiful first touch putting it in the box from an incoming corner kick at the 87th minute and that’s how Liverpool is in our number one Spot for our powerhouse rankings for the week 1 derby.

credit to: NBC Sports


Make no mistake this first win for Chelsea puts them up in our number 2 spot and with good reason staring off the season at an away game vs Huddersfield winning 3-0 another great shut out and gave much to discuss. The scoreboard opened at the 34th minute by non-other than the World Cup winner N’Golo Kanté who doesn’t score often but when he does he shows pure class and great skill, having a great Finnish to the far post.

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The talk of the game tho came from Jorginho’s Premier League Debut putting up some great numbers and scoring a penalty to have a debut goal which to be honest any player would die to debut in a team and score in their first match no matter how it’s scored!

Photo Credit: Squawka Football twitter

Photo Credit: Squawka Football twitter

The Third goal came at the 80th minute from Pedro with a great run and assist from Eden Hazard who puts it in the back of the net to seal the win and showcase the power and energy they have and its just the beginning!


Three way tie:

Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Manchester City, all tie for the third spot on our powerhouse board because they all won their first match 2-0 against their respective opponents, but if it I had to choose between the three I would put Manchester City first only because they Faced Arsenal which has a better style and level of play compared to the other two teams who happened to be the ones that just got promoted up to the Premier League this season

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The Premier League will head on to week 2 and it will all begin at 5:30 am Mountain time where Cardiff City will seek their first Win at home against Newcastle United will also seek their first win of the season, and later at 8am a whole line up of games and it will conclude with a big one Chelsea vs Arsenal starting at 10:30 am you can’t miss it.

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports. 

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports.