FanDuel Finals Game 3

ABC has some great dramas; Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and the 2017-18 NBA finals. Lebron's emotion, JR Smith being JR Smith, Kendrick Perkins lounging in his chair, Tristen Thompson vs Draymond Green, controversial calls, and the impending NBA free agency Finals implications narrative that is spinning out of control on all these major outlets. What will Game 3 hold for us on the next episode of the finals?

Same Format (MVP 2x, ALL STAR 1.5x, PRO 1.25x)


LBJ (22k) Lebron James has to be tired. He has to be. He has the highest usage on the court during the Regular season playing 82 games. Then he plays every game in playoffs in the same fashion highest usage, including a game seven where he played 48 minutes. Then game one two days later on the road, goes to OT. HE HAS TO BE TIRED going into game 2 and he was. BUT a tired LeBron put up 60 FanDuel points! Assuming they left on Sunday, He gets three-night sleep in his own bed (must be a king sized bed). That is going to Recharge him and well see how game 3 looks for LeBron but he was the best player on the court in games 1 and 2.  That won't change in game 3.


KD (16k) Curry (15k) Draymond (13k) Love (12k) Klay (11k)

Let's review the next five. I don't understand why everyone is thinking KD is having a bad series, that seems to be the narrative floating around but the numbers don't lie. Game 1, 56.8 FanDuel points and Game 2, 50.3 points. I love KD in this series more than curry he has better defensive stats. Curry is amazing putting up back to back 50 point games. You can play both just because there is so much value in the utility slot. Draymond is one of the two wild cards in the five. He could be great or he could be meh.  Draymond feeds off of the emotion of the game which this is a game with alot of emotion. But I think the safer option is Love, he is the other consistent scoring option besides LeBron. Lebron needs help, he needs Love to step up and he saves you 1k by not playing Draymond. Klay is the second wild card, he is either hot or he's not, but I will say he is heating up if you want to balanced lineup and save some money. While playing someone who not many will play.


Larry Nance (8.5k), Jeff Green (7k) Korver (7k), Andre Iguodala (7.5k), Shawn Livingston (6k) Javel McGee (3k) Rodney Hood (3k)

Larry Nance back home needs to be on the court. He is a spark plug and they need a spark at home. He is effective when he is not in foul trouble. Look for him to play well.  Jeff Green will make some shots at home. He is overdue for a great game and they need to have Tristen Thompson off the court. He has been outrebounded by Curry again! You need the small ball to match the Warriors. Korver is another one of the guys that need to score, he hasn't had that much catch-and-shoot opportunities in the finals. That has to change in order for them to have success in this series. Andre Iguodala is "likely" to play and with this new defensive FanDuel format, he could be a great play. The Hamptons five is the most potent lineup and it's back with Andre added back into the mix. I think he could have a great game. Shawn Livingston and Javel McGee didn't miss a shot in game 2 so both are going to be in play for me. I love Javel McGee because he gets blocks, gets easy points, and rebounds. Livingston gets the 6th man minutes so I think he is a viable play.  Rodney Hood is a wild card but he is going to get more playing time and I think that is a great thing. They seem to me like they will taking minutes from JR. Adding to Hood and Korver minutes will be beneficial to both. BUT if JR Smith gets hot both of them are not getting as many touches. As it stands, both will see more offensive looks.

As always may the FanDuel odds ever be in your favor...