NBA FanDuel Game 1



Play the $18.88 King James VIII contest and win a chance at 200,000 dollars. Same format 5 players, MVP (2x), All-Star (1.5x), and Pro (1.25x).  Let's face it the Cavs are heavy underdogs going into Oracle tonight and I love the phrase you can never count out LeBron James but I mean what about the rest of the players in this series? You can count out Andre Iguodala for game 1. There still some question marks tonight with Kevin Love look for an update on him before game time. He has some tests to pass for his concussion. Draymond Green sprained his ankle, he is questionable but considering he was able to finish game 7 with the injury I expect him to try to play.

With -1000 odds on a team, You could skip your morning star bucks and win a couple grand if they win but I would pick the Starbucks because you have 1 to 1 odds that you will end up with a coffee and 1 out 1000 chance at winning money.


Leeeeeebron James (18.888K).  His usage will be off the charts this series. He is the best in the playoffs by far. Look for him to put up huge numbers, in an attempt, to carry the remaining 11 guys on his back to the promised land. As far as how many will own him, anywhere under 90% owned will be a surprise to me. He's as close to a guarantee as possible but I will add a quote from LeBron "Game one is always a feeling out, game for me". If his past track record and by past track record, I mean the last series versus Boston he struggled in game one, he had 35 FanDuel points. If there was a night to go against LeBron it would be tonight. However, the 2017 finals game one LEAD TO (28pts,15rbs,8ast,2blk,8tovs) 58.4 FanDuel points. Meaning that even with the "feeling out game" he still stuffed the stat sheet with points last year. Basically, go with LeBron and live with results.


Kevin Durant (16.5k), Steph Curry (15.5k), Draymond Green (13.5k) Kevin Love (12k) Klay Thompson (11k)

Look these are the viable right now options to score big points. Kevin Durant & Steph Curry got hot in game 7.  Between the two, Ill pick Steph Curry, because he is cheaper and is coming off a near triple-double. Also, who is going to guard Curry assuming Durant and LeBron are matched up. Hill, most likely will guard curry and I like that matchup more than Durant being guarded by Lebron. Curry is about to be put in a pick and roll blender on the defensive end if he gets steals and plays like he did in game 7 he might be the play of the night. Having Lebron and Curry will be beneficial, but there is so much that is still in the air. The next two you need to check the injury reports. Draymond is cheap and will save you money and has a high ceiling for some nights, he is worth playing with Lebron. Well see how the ankle responds but he is a very good option.  Kevin Love off of the concussion is interesting because he is cheap for Kevin love and if he plays, he needs to carry some of the LeBron burdon. He has a high upside and that might be valuable in this game. Klay Thompson is a wild card, he is getting hot from the field assuming he doesn't get 2 fouls in 56 seconds and three fouls in 3 minutes. I think he has a tremendous upside and the second-best price value behind Draymond. Pick two you like between the five and move forward.


Jeff Green (7k) JR Smith (6.5k) Kevon Looney (8k) Nick Young (6k) Jordan Bell (6k) Patrick McCaw (5k) 

This is where money is won and lost. There are plenty to pick from but depending on Love and Draymond injury news this could change. Jeff Green was Spectacular in Game 7 for the Cavs, he is a spark plug for the team and he could have a big night tonight IF Love is out. Depending on the Draymond injury but, regardless Kevon Looney will most likely see the most minutes increase due to the injury of Iguodala, but Jordan Bell has been playing a bit too and he has defensive potential, so add him to the mix. Depending on how much money you have left Jordan Bell is a good punt play. JR Smith is a Great play, he has been struggling but (if love plays) he will play the most minutes out of anyone on this utility list. He is literally two shots going through the basket from being hot and he is the number three scoring option on the team. Pick him up while he is cheap. Last but not least, the wild card play of the day is Patrick McCaw, look, Kerr said he wouldn't play game 7. He never said game 1, until he says otherwise McCaw might get some minutes in the home building. Look he hasn't played in forever but still if this game becomes a blowout, more minutes for McCaw? It isnt the worst idea to play him. He can give you more money to afford better bonus players.

May the FanDuel odds ever be in your favor...