FanDuel May 3rd Main Slate

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Last night was a great baseball night, let's go over the good, which there was a lot of good in the article from yesterday. Aaron Nola ended up with 53 points, Strasburg with 58 points, and Sean Newcomb 55 points, the big winner was James Paxton (which I had a gut feeling about but I just love the A's bats too much ended up with 73 points).  Bryce Harper and Mike Trout hit home runs, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (what a mouthful, can we just ditch the LA tag and go back to the old name?) and Baltimore Orioles combined for 17 runs. The bad, Manny Machado, 7 points, its better than zero but I'm still confident in him. The ugly, nothing, I love it when that happens. Onward and Upward.

Seam Throwers

Gold Standard

Sean Manaea (9k) I'm all over this pick tonight on this four-game slate. He's been throwing the ball better than anyone on this slate tonight, he is the safest play and you're going to want to roster him against the Mariners. This is one of those nights where I'm not scared who he goes up against. He is consistent just look at his past starts. With 8 pitchers to choose from, he's the gold standard. 

Kanye Gut Feeling

David Price (8.1k) has given up 4 runs or more in the three out of the last four games he has pitched. Everything points to him having a tough night in Texas, in a hitter-friendly ballpark buuuuuuuuttttt, For some reason, I like Price tonight. Eventually, he turns his performances around because he's David Price. He is a dominant pitcher and you always want to find high value at its cheapest. This is pretty cheap for David Price. IS THE PRICE RIGHT ON DAVID? no, he's way too cheap, he eventually will turn it around. 


Jake Odorizzi (6.7k) ehhh, he's cheap but alot of risk going cheap tonight from pitchers. I would recommend Manaea and fit bats around him, then call it a day.

Lumber Swingers

Sneaky Stacks

Matt Chapman (3.4k) and Jed Lowery (4k) Once again my love of Oakland stacks is coming through strong. I want a Wendy's triple stack, with Marcus Semien (3.6k) especially with everyone stacking up on Angels, I'm going for the road less traveled and ownership. Oakland is headed to some runs and points.

Dark Horse

Kole Calhoun (2.3k) He hit a well-struck ball that landed in two feet from being a home run, he has been making great contact and I think he hits a home run tonight. He has been getting great contact.

Kanye Gut Feeling

Two for one, One, You are gonna want to play Trout tonight and as many Angels as possible tonight but I think everyone will play them so use your sources wisely. Two, I think playing a mix of Angels, A's and Boston will provide you with the Points you need to be competitive, I really think the twins game will be up in the air in terms of weather and I think Manaea will pitch well, so avoid Seattle, in any case, go with your Kanye Dragon Power gut feeling. (hence, why I named the section)

TOPPS Plays,

TOPPS the card brand that is the gold standard of baseball cards. Anything else is just not a Topps card. TOPPS it's good to be on top. I hope the sales team reads this. Anyway,

Mike Trout, Matt Chapman, and Drum Roolll please, Albert Pujols he gets two hits tonight and one being a home run and joins the 3000 club in his home stadium in front of his family. As always...

May the Fanduel odds ever be in your favor.