NBA FanDuel GS vs HOU MAY 24th

Trying to win a share of 100,000? let me help you with this article. I have been hot during this NBA season and it continues into the playoffs. Let's go into tonight.

Let's go over the strategies to this 5 man format, shall we? First things first, You don't want to get too cute with the bonus slots. Pick the best players in the game and pick them in the right order. For example, last games best player, James Harden points in comparison to the MVP (1.5x) to ALL STAR (1.2x). Harden in the MVP slot 107 points and ALL-STAR slot 80, that's 27 point difference. That's huge point disparity for one player, pick the best player in this spot. Then think who is going to be the second and third best player. Then you need to get the utility right, play two players who will play minutes and hope they perform well enough to get some FanDuel points in the game in the final two slots BUT also will be cheap enough to play the best players. Go off of gut feelings and make a play that you think might work and that no one else is thinking.

MVP slot

Kevin Durant (16k) or James Harden (17k)? Look don't get cute here this is where the money is made or lost. These two have been the most consistent all series, (besides curry in game 3). Curry was the best player in game three because he had 4 days rest between games. Now they have one day to travel and rest before tonight's game. That's tough, considering how much time he missed and how much stamina he needs after literally being put in pick and rolls (pretty much) EVERY possession. So avoiding Curry in the MVP isn't a bad call. That takes out energy he needs to drains shots leaving more shots for the SLIM REAPER... BUT, NOT MANY ARE GOING TO PLAY CURRY IN THE MVP SLOT. To me maybe risking a Curry MVP slot might blow the competition away if he blows the rockets out with a 30+ point, 6+ rebounds 8+ assist night performance stunning them in game 5 is not out of the realm of possibilities. Now with that being said the Warriors will score more than 12 points in the 4th quarter this game. They also will shoot more than 14 free throws in the game, (compared to the rockets 27). Game 5 will be a slugfest and I think that picking Durant or Curry is the way to go, however, I'm biased just look at my twitter profile picture. Go with one of those two and REAP (hint hint) the benefits.......I like Durant tonight.  I think the Warriors will win big tonight. 


Draymond Green (13.5k), Chris Paul (14k), Clint Capela (13k) and Klay Thompson (11k).

I know what you are thinking. Matt, Klay Thompson with the knee, and his last couple performances have been abysmal.  I know I know, okay, Hear me out... They need Klay to shoot better and game one, he lit up the Toyota center for 40 FanDuel points lets not forget. He has been playing awesome defense and been shooting average in the last three. Tonight he will shoot the lights out because he is a shooter and shooter are going to shoot. You need to make bold plays to win cold hard cash. He's is a bold play that could pay off in commas. Draymond will be highly played and he is capable of triple-double which a 10/10/10 on FanDuel is 37 points and with a couple steal or blocks, he could get 45+ points. Like he has the past two games. He is cheaper than Chris Paul and has scored higher than him. Play Dray day over CP3. Clint Capela is 13k and Draymond is 13.5k, Clint Capela has been nowhere close to the FanDuel points Draymond has gotten. Pay the extra 500 dollars which is nothing for draymond. I honestly think a warriors stack is cheaper than a Rockets stack. Point being if the warriors go off tonight and you play with odds of Draymond and Klay going off, you go off to the cash machine. I know what you are thinking Matt, you sound like a serious Warriors Fan Boy tonight and you are talking about yourself in the third person too much. I'm not trying to sound like a Warriors Fan Boy here but look at the prices. You could play Harden in the MVP spot, Green in the all-star, Klay in the Pro and still have $9,250 average left for your utility slots! My point is you can fit so 2 more great players by playing the core warriors. That is balance right there.

Utility slots

PJ Tucker (9.5k), Trevor Ariza (9k), Andre Iguodala (8k) Kevon Looney (7.5k) Jordan Bell (6.5k), Nick Young (6.5k)

I think these are the Utility players who are so important.  They add the bonus you need to get you the extra cash. You need them to score, pick wisely. PJ Tucker has had games where he couldn't be stopped scoring wise. Trevor Ariza is a defensive wizard who can also shot threes well. Andre Iguodala if healthy is a great player because he is vital to the warriors' defense. Kevon Looney will have a bunch of minutes if Andre cannot play, he hasn't been the big scorer but he will have to fill in and get something going for them. Jordan Bell is a defensive point scorer and he has a great last game, I foresee more minutes tonight for him. He is a spark plug. Nick Young is a Wild Card, he could get you 10 points or none but he could also get really hot and Steve Kerr plays him more minutes. All of them are worthy of your lineups.

As always, May the FanDuel odds ever be in your favor.