FanDuel MLB Main Slate May 22nd

Last night was successful I picked Carpenter, Ozuna, and O'niel in a Wendy's triple stack, combining for 83 points and 55 points for Jose Berrios. That's 138 points between 4 players. AKA Jackpot. But I don't dwell on the past, Let's move forward to tonight.

Gold Standard

Chris Sale (11.5k) and Gerrit Cole (11.8k) They both are quality pitchers, let's look at the matchup. Chris Sale is facing Tampa Bay and Gerrit Cole facing the Giants. To me looking at both teams the previous series the Giants seem to be swinging the bat better than the Rays have. Scoring 9 runs in the final two home games versus the Rockies. ON paper I'm more scared of the Giants lineup than the rays. However, Cole is the SCARIEST pitcher to face on the slate tonight. He and Scherzer are in a class of their own this year. I love both, I'm leaning towards Sales because he is playing the Rays and you save money by playing him. BUT, both are excellent plays tonight.    

Kanye Gut Feeling

There are alot of underpriced bats tonight, paying up for these two is smart although, I'm never going to say there's no cheap pitching value because there is, I just love these two aces on any given night. 


Luke Weaver (6.4k) He's facing the Royals. He's at home. He's extremely underpriced. If you are going to go cheap and not highly played. You might want to consider Weaver. He seems to be the best cheap pitcher tonight.

Lumber Swingers

Sneaky Stack


Trea Turner (4.4k) and Juan Soto (2.5k) Both are right-handed and both are coming off of excellent games. I think a triple stack with Anthony Rendon (3.8k). I love righties on the Nationals. I think they pose a great matchup against Padres Eric Lauer. I think playing nationals might pay off tonight.

Marcell Ozuna (2.5k) and Tyler O'Neil (2.5k) I'm going back to the well, tonight in a favorable matchup versus the Royals Jason Hammel. Matt Carpenter (3.4k) is not a bad option as well with these two outfielders. Go back to the well before it gets dry.

Kanye Gut Feeling

Carlos Correa is (3.7k) and he is wayyyyyy too good to be under 4k so I would consider him in the lineup to save space for your pitching budget. Also, the aforementioned (2.5k) outfielders Soto, Oniel, and Ozuna are all cheap enough to get some other bigger names in the lineup, like Springer or even Turner in our utility slot or any of the other big-name studs like Harper etc.

Dark Horse

Chris Davis (2.2k) He's got so much power, he's a home run or bust tonight and every other night but he's so cheap I'm gonna play him and hope for the best. I think he might hit an upper deck shot tonight.

TOPPS plays

I found a Bob Gibson Topps card in my drawer yesterday and today I'm telling you that tops honor the past as well as the present. TOPPS the premier brand in baseball cards.

hmmmm so many to choose from... Ill go, George Springer, Trea Turner, and Matt Carpenter.

May the FanDuel odds ever be in your favor.