MLB FanDuel May 21st Main Slate

Did you see the World Cup merch? That's some good looking shirts, You gonna want to purchase one. Did you know that the color red makes you more attractive? Did you know that the world cup will be the event everyone will be talking about? Wow, they have a red world cup flags shirt for Americans (like me) who don't have a country to pull for. I'll be rooting for some good games. Let's get into it.

Gold standard

Ehhh not alot of Gold tonight but alot of great.

Jose Berrios (8.4k), Gio Gonzelez (8.8k) or Walker Bueler (9.5k) Seems to me these are the logical options for tonight. I went from cheapest to most expensive. All three are the best choices for me tonight. Pick your poison, just from a matchup perspective, Jose Berrios versus Detriot, Gio Gonzelez versus the Padres, and Walker Bueler versus Colorado. I think the order of best lineups to worst lineups would go for tonight, Colorado, Padres, and the Tigers. But all three you can attack.

Kanye Gut Feeling

Jose Berrios is the cheapest, high upside, and playing the worst lineup. I would go with him, followed by Gio. I think saving money on pitching will be very beneficial. What about this Mikos Kid for the cards? Jose Berrios 


Chase Anderson (6.1k) Look coming off the DL with an injury is never great for a pitcher but, it was for an illness, which is different than being injured. He faces the Diamondbacks who struggle to score runs. He has a couple 40 point games this season. I think could have a great start and with the bullpen being really good I like him to get that important quality start win.

Lumber Swingers

Sneaky Stacks


Marcell Ozuna (2.6k) and Matt Carpenter (3.3k) Look the cards are facing the Royals Ian Kenndy and this is a matchup I want to attack. I think its Ozuna will break out of his slump and in a big way, I like him tonight for this extremely cheap price. Also, I love me Wendy's triple stack with Tommy 'whats good' Pham (4.3k) and Carlos Martinez (3.5k) and maybe one more cardinal player that has been tearing the cover off the ball. Read the next section to find out.

Dark Horse

Tyler Oneil (2.2k) He's homered back to back games, I love me a 4x4 from in n out. ALL CARDINALS.  Pick any combination of these 5 players and reap the benefits. Look this is attacking a matchup at its finest and I'm lending a helping hand by telling you to play cardinals.

Kanye Gut Feeling

Manny Machado (4.9k) He's a stud that's for sure and he is my favorite tonight because of his power in a game like he is facing. Hes facing a favorable matchup. Look for him to be huge tonight.


Baseball Cards are a passion of mine and a passion is finding gems for you.

Tommy Pham, Manny Machado, and JT Realmuto are my Topps players for tonight.

May the FanDuel odds ever be in your favor.