MLB FanDuel May 2nd

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Last night was great! However, Kicking myself I didn't pick Verlander though. He had a tremendous amount of success versus the talented Yankees lineup. I didn't see that coming. The Good, Nats Stack, Bryce Harper, and Matt Adams provided 3 hrs last night between them, I knew he would break out of the slump. The Bad, Angels stack, With so much promise they failed to live up to the hype. The ugly, Noah Syndergaard. Got rocked by Atlanta last night. Onward and upward.

Seam Throwers

Gold Standard

Stephen Strasburg (9.7k) He a strike-throwing machine and going against a lineup that hasn't been the best-run scoring team, so he is my guy tonight I like him to score high tonight against a weaker lineup in the Pirates. I'm avoiding Atlanta tonight after last night they burned me, or else I would be all over DeGrom, its strictly a matchup thing and a play out of respect for proving me wrong last night.

Kanye Gut Feeling

Aaron Nola (8.9k) He's great against righties this season. Miami is a team that I always play against in pitching and they are just a squad with two batters in Justin Bour and Sterling Castro. I really see them as a rebuilding team and rebuilding teams play Borderline AAA and MLB players (although I will say Miami has surprised me this year when I play against them). Aaron Nola is talented, I really like his pitching, he is a stud in the making. He is a great play tonight.


Sean Newcomb (7.3k) He has been pitching well lately, He is the safest, cheap play that I can see. Although this Mets lineup is filled with power and that scares me playing him but I think he is worth a look at.

Lumber Swingers

Sneaky Stack

Mike Trout (5.4k) and Anderton Simmons (2.8k) I'm still liking the Angels tonight, They will have a high scoring game tonight and I like righties in both uniforms, playing Manny Machado (4.8k) is never a bad call. I think a game stack yes game stack is in the cards. Wendy's triple stack with Ian Kinsler (3.1k).

Dark Horse

Mark Trumbo (2.5k) in 2016 47 home runs 2017 not so much but still, he has power and against a former team, and he bats right (both of these pitchers struggle against righties on both sides LAA & BAL) Look for a Trumbo BOMB tonight at a cheap price and high upside.

Kanye Gut Feeling

Bryce Harper (4.9k) Play him because he is under 5k and is starting to swing the bat well again.


Nothing can top a TOPPS brand baseball card. Come on Topps I'm giving you gold here. Fire me out a retweet so I know you are listening. Manny Machado, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper. Three names, consider building around or the three best hitters in baseball because tonight there is not a whole lot of great batter plays so I'm playing the odds that, one, two or even three of the best hitter there are on this blg blue planet will have a huge night.

May the FanDuel odds ever be in your favor.