EPL FanDuel May 13th

The final games of the EPL season finale on mothers day. Do something nice for all the mothers you know because they deserve more than one day of recognition for all the sacrifices they make.  Make an effort don't just send them a text a phone call goes a long way and you can never go wrong with jewelry. Wake up early set your alarm to check the teams formations, set your lineup then get breakfast with your mothers.

There are only a few games on this slate that still matter, everything in relation is pretty much set. There is alot of uncertainty in games that have no future outcome. The Key to winning Soccer FanDuel is picking goal scores so 

Sneaky Stacks

Virgil van Dyke (6k), and  Loris Karius (5k): Liverpool need to win in order to secure a champions league bid, (and they are in the finals right now) they most definitely want to qualify for next year. Considering the success they had this year in the EPL.  Pick the two best to be great for them. I usually go cheap with Defense but not this week.

Edin Hazard (10.5k) and Oliver Giroud (10.5k) or Alvaro Morata (8.5k) whichever start at striker you should play. It's a smart decision considering they are one goal and one win away from the champions league so play Chelsea offense and Liverpool defense might be smart but honestly there is so much uncertainty in this final game. I like William (8k) and Kante (8.5k), if you are in a pinch and need to budget.

Offense wins championships

Harry Kane (12k) or Mohammed Salah (13k)?  both goal scoring machines. Salah has a three-goal lead on the golden boot. I would build a team around one of them easily. However, you need to have more goal scorers than just one. So we're going build wisely and Build the most balanced firepower for your team. I love way too many middle range strikers to pick Kane. I like Salah this week considering the form he has been in. So Build around Salah and celebrate.

Dark Horse

Jordan Ayew (7.5k) Swansea City needs 8 goals or else they are related. So They are going to be all out on offense. I like Jordan to Put up alot of shots and potentially find the net. I love this Guianian Striker this week. I'm really debating pairing him and his brother Andre Ayew (6.5k) because they are going to be taking the most shots for the team.