MLB Fanduel May 11th

MLB tonight is juicier than a T- bone steak, rather than go into past performances, I'm jumping straight into the good stuff.

Gold Standard

Max Scherzer (11.7k) facing an Arizona lineup that struggles and is banged up from injury. I'm all over him. But his price is so high for only one 60 plus start, however, I love him tonight as a stud pitcher. He's my favorite out of the three aces, For me, it goes Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, then  Chris Sale. basing solely on the matchups they face.

Kanye Gut Feeling 

I mean there's way too much to sift through with the mid-range pitchers. Go expensive or go cheap. I also like Trevor Bauer (9.5k) saving you some salary as he faces the Kansas City Royals. But not as much as I like the big three mentioned above.


Luke Weaver (5.9k) He's facing the Padres at Petco, he's a bold pick that could pay off in dividends. He gives you so much room for anyone you want to play.

Lumbar Swingers

Sneaky Stack

Cody Bellinger (3.4k) and Chris Taylor (3.7K) last time Matt Harvey pitched in Southern California he went out drinking the night before. He isn't the same Matt Harvey as he was but new team new uniform might do him some good but not tonight.

Dark Horse

Matt Olson (2.6k) Look I know I  use him in my articles more than anyone else but there is little bias behind it.  All of the A's are all so cheap tonight, and they are in Yankee stadium, against Sonny Gray with an era of 6. He could hit a bomb tonight and save you enough money to afford the one of the Ace's.

Kanye Gut feeling 

Bryce Harper (4.7k) He's under 5k and he is one of the best hitters in baseball, count me in. I like Bryce Harper tonight and pretty much every night he is under 5k, he under 5k because he has been slumping the last 5 games, look for him to break out in a hitter-friendly ballpark. It will be a matter of time.


Topps is the baseball card I trust.  I personally approve.

Giancarlo Stanton (4.9k) Bryce Harper (4.7k) and Cody Bellinger (3.4K) to be paired with Scherzer. Salary savers include Jason Kipnis, Adam Jones and pretty much everyone on the A's, however, everyone will play these salary savers based on the expensive prices of pitchers. 

As Always May the FanDuel Odds Ever be in your favor.