FanDuel May 1st

 Let go into the Good the bad the ugly last night. The good was The brewer's stack, Ryan Braun and Domingo Santana combined for almost 40 points and Cain Homered. Faria had 52 points in 8 innings pitched what a great outing. The bad, Bryce Harper with 6 points but I'm still confident in him. The ugly Jake Arrieta, who ended the game with-3 points. Onward and upward.

Gold Standard

Max Scherzer (11.8k) and Noah Syndergaard (10.6k) So many aces to choose from. I would go with either tonight. I think these are the two best matchups you can play tonight and look for them to strike out 10+ batters. Choosing is hard but I think that Syndergaard is cheaper and You can fit more bats.

Kanye Gut Feeling

Chris Archer (8.7k) Against Detriot, who last night could score anything against Faria. Saving money by not playing aces tonight. He's way too cheap, I mean this is a play that not many will play.


Andrew Suarez (5.7k) Versus the Padres, in at&t ballpark. He is an interesting play tonight. He had alot of success in the minors and the Giants have alot of confidence in him.

Lumber Swingers

Sneaky Stack

Matt Adams (2k) and Bryce Harper (4.6k) I like left-handed batters tonight are the play against this pirates pitcher. I think Bryce Harper is going to have a multi-home run game.....what? I said that in my last article, okay it's coming soon he will break out in a big way. get ahead of the curve on it.

Dark horse

Matt Adams (2k) He can hit bombs or strikeout but still, a minimum price for a bomb is something I'm very interested in. He is also a left-handed batter in a nationals uniform.

Kanye Gut Feeling 

Wendy's triple stack Albert Pujols (2.9k), Andrelton Simmons (2.8k) and Mike Trout (5.4k) will have a huge night tonight. I'm all over the angels breaking out of the gridlock they have been stuck in look for them to have a huge run-scoring night.


Find those TOPPS Players tonight, while finding some valuable Topps cards. I like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Nolan Arenado tonight as my Topps plays. But Play one of those aces and find some cheap value to add to some more of the high priced studs. As always

May the FanDuel odds be ever in your favor.