FanDuel April 27th

Today is the day where you need to SCORE SOME SERIOUS POINTS! There are so many games and so many great options at pitcher. Let's just get started right now because tonight is a big night for points.

Gold Standard 

Jake DeGrom (10.6k) and Stephen Strasburg (10.1k) I'm all over both tonight. Save yourself some dough for some bats instead of playing Kluber. Both are looking to strike out some batters tonight versus there matchups. If I were to pick I would go with DeGrom against a Padres teams that struggle. However, both are acceptable options who will score around the same.

Kanye Gut Feeling

Sean Manaea (8.9k) Will not throw a no-hitter versus the Astros but, look for his counterpart Dallas Kuechel (8.7k) have a great start.


Marcus Stroman (6k) This pitcher is not worth 6k and he is my favorite on the slate of Batters that are just too juicy not to pass up on.  This is a play that has a high upside to considering he is facing Texas who strikes out alot. If you're not going to pay for an ace consider Stroman.


Sneaky Stack

Jose Martinez (3.9k) and Tommy Pham (4.1k) I love some cards bats tonight. I love righties versus in a Pittsburgh ballpark conducive to home runs and against a righty who gives up alot of hits to right-handed bats, we need some dingers and I think these two could send one in the seats.

Kanye Gut Feeling

The Three Headed Monster of the Yankees will have some home runs. If you have lived under a rock for the past year, I'm talking about Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gary Sanchez. The power alley in Yankee stadium is serious and you need the big points tonight so try to play one or more with your lineup.

Dark Horse

Eugenio Suarez (2.0k) Coming off the DL which means the price is low and is facing Phil Hughes. I'm bargain hunting tonight and he is the top of my list. This is my dark horse and probably everyone else's dark horse but you should play him.


Tonight Topps plays presented by Topps Baseball Cards, Topps makes beautiful baseball cards they make and I'm trying to live up to the beauty they make. Ill take, (ALLLL RISE!) Aaron Judge, Manny Machado, and Tommy Pham. I'll take Jake DeGrom as my pitcher of the night. And as always.

May the FanDuel odds ever be in your favor.