MLB FanDuel April 23rd

Rox Pile

Rox Pile

By: Matt Burt

My last article turned out really well, with all three of my stack paying off and pitching as well. In order to win tournaments on Fanduel, you need above 200 points on a given night. So Let's find out the ways to get to that magical number 200.

Gold Standard Pitching

Carlos Carrasco (9.6k) He's facing Baltimore coming off a fantastic start. I think he has an increase in strikeouts tonight against a weaker Baltimore team. He has a better matchup than going with Garrett Cole (10.6k) who faces the Angels who has alot of talent in their lineup, that being said the Angels have struggled in recent games versus the Giants and Boston scoring runs. I'm all about potential value for low prices and I think Carlos is a cheaper call with a high upside.

Kanye Gut Feeling 

Chris Stratton (6.9k) He had a greats start last week. I think he is a talented pitcher with a small sample size. Will he do well against the nationals...maybe but I think the way he pitched against a hot Diamondbacks team gives me more confidence in playing him.


Chris Stratton (6.9k) Read above and consider it but if not go with Carlos Carrasco.


Sneaky Stacks

Khris Davis (4.1k) and Matt Chapman (3.9k) One thing to note Matt Moore is not great pitching to right-handers. So if you stand on the right side of the box and you are in A's uniform, its worth a play. This A's team has been scoring runs in Bunches and I like for them to continue today.

Eric Hosmer (3.1k) and Wil Myers (3.1k) Cheap and at Coors Field. I'm in! Padres are a go tonight because of the altitude look for some home runs to be hit tonight there. You can wendy's triple stack with (2.4k) Manuel Margot or play a Christian Villaneuva (4k)

Dark Horse

Chad Pinder (2.1k) He's a righty with some pop in his bat. I like his potential tonight for a big game. If he is out of the lineup to consider Canha (3.0K) or Matt Joyce (3.0k) for a replacement a some shuffling around but tonight he would be a play as well. 

Kanye Gut Feeling 

Gleyber Torres (2.6k) Top Yankees prospect in a small ballpark. Cheap price. He is a product of Theo Epstine Draft. I like him and many others will play him tonight if he is in the lineup, because of his prospect staus.


Nolan Arenado is my Topps play tonight versus the Padres. He is the best player tonight just like the best baseball card, TOPPS. I'm also liking Eric Hosmer to have a great game and hit a home run, I think Matt Chapman is a great hitter who will have a field day tonight against Texas. I don't think that pitching will be high scoring tonight but prove me wrong pitchers. Check the lineups make sure they are playing and as always...

May the FanDuel odds ever be in your favor!