NBA FanDuel April 19th

Air Alamo

Air Alamo

By Matt Burt

I love NBA FanDuel and its playoffs which means time to create a lineup of this three-game slate. There are some players you will want to add to your lineup tonight. 

Popular PIcks Tonight

D WADE (4.9k) I've been all over Dwayne Wade this entire postseason. He has been the best pick for the postseason so far I said it from the very beginning. Look for him to put up some numbers tonight. Like I've said he is the most playoff experience basketball player in that series, and its not even close.

Jrue Holiday (8.9k) he has had Lillard's (9.6k) number all series. Part of me thinks he will continue this streak and part of me thinks Lillard will shoot the lights out tonight in game three. I'm torn, but when push comes to shove go with how has more upside for his price and to me that is a holiday. If you feel like it, play both, which isn't a bad call.

Sneaky Stack

Anthony Davis (12k) and LaMarcus Aldrige (10k) Both are looking to put up huge numbers. I like both upside and emotional energy brought by both. LaMarcus for his coach after the tragic death of Popovich's wife my condolences to him and the Spurs family. Davis for his home city to experience winning after being mediocre. It's an expensive stack so read the next section for sure.

Dark Horses

Javeal McGee (3.6 k) and Mo Harkless (3.6k) both will provide you with the needed 15+ points that you need for you to stack as many stars as you can. I'm in love with Harkless because Turner is questionable to play so look for the lineups and injury reports. McGee is questionable tonight and if he doesn't play, put in Zaza (3.5k) into your lineup. 

May the FanDuel odds ever be in your favor.