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ABC13 Houston

ABC13 Houston

By Matt Burt

Let's get to the good the bad the ugly shall we, last night to say the least was a power outage, not many home runs on the board. The good Jhonny Cueto with a solid start leading to 50 fantasy points, Patrick Corbin with an almost no-hitter and Matt stack was semi-good Matt Joyce 12 pts, and Matt Chapman 15 pts. The bad that I put Matt Olson 6pts  instead of Matt Kemp 25 pts, but what can you do. The ugly was Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve combining for 9 points yikes. I should have played Mookie Betts who was owned by .3% of people last night and had 63 pts But I don't dwell on the past, let's move forward.

Gold Standard

Gerrit Cole (10.6k) he's is the best pitcher tonight because he has put up a 61,58,61 pts in his first three starts with more than 11 strikeouts per contest. He has been dominate and look for him to continue the dominance tonight against a mariner top part of the order who strikes out alot. Carlos Carrasco (9.3k) is a great play versus the twins if you don't feel like paying 10k for a pitcher and playing the more expensive bats.

Gut Feeling 

Avoid Robbie Ray (9.5k) & Jose Berrios (9.8k) tonight. For Ray, Most often than not a team that almost gets no hit or no hit, usually bounces back. The last outing Robbie Ray gave up three runs against the Giants, I just think he is a big risk tonight. Jose Barrios versus an Indians lineup on a nonfamiliar ballpark, the reason his price is so high is because of his excellent games against the White sox and Baltimore two of the worst offenses in the MLB


Steven Matz (6.9k) He's is an interesting play considering he has put up decent the last three starts and an injury-filled nationals team but to me, I wouldn't pay down for pitching tonight because of news flash so much value in position players or ever but if you want to go cheap look at Matz.

Batter UP!

Sneaky Stack

Angels versus Boston GAME STACK, yes a game stack. Play anyone in a Boston or Angels uniform. The matchup is favorable for runs scored by two high powered offenses.

JD Martinez (4.1k) and Hanley Ramirez (3.9k)  Are two options who have alot of power potential for the Sox side of things look for them to play into a favorable pitching matchup.

Mike Trout (5.3k) and Kole Calhoun (2.8k) I'm playing Kole Calhoun because to pay for trout and Cole tonight will be expensive and Kole has some pop in his bat he could get a sneaky home run.

Dark Horse Value

Jay Bruce (2.8k) Mets lefties tonight are favorable and his price is shocking. Stock up on Jay so you can pay up for some of the bigger bats tonight. You will thank me later.

Gut Feeling

Freddie Freeman (4.6k) he could have a big game against the Phillies. Anyone who stands on the left side of the box at SunLife Field in Atlanta gives me the home run butterflies in my stomach. I love Freddie tonight. Look for him to bring back the power tonight.


TOPPS is the premier brand for baseball cards, that one is free and just a small sample of what you could get with me on the sales teams for articles. Tonight IM in love with Mike Trout, JD Martinez, and Freddie Freeman to bring back the power and provide your lineup with some serious points.

As always, may the fanduel odds ever be in your favor.