FanDuel MLB April 16th

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By:Matt Burt

MLB has just started and that means the Fantasy Sports Cave will be providing you with expert analysis for the MLB. I've done the research so you don't have to, So if you want to look smart around the water cooler or in the breakroom today when talking about Fanduel let me give you the advise you need.

Gold Standard for Pitching

Jake DeGrom (9.5k) he is facing an injury-filled lineup against nationals tonight. Look for him to have a strong outing. He's an easy choice to be the top performer tonight. I mean its just do you want to pay 9.5k for him, I think its worth it but you have many other choices. Like Aaron Nola (8.8k) but I like DeGrom better.

Gut Check Play

Dallas Keuchel (8.1k) Is very underpriced, for someone who was amazing last year, I remember him being in the 10,000 last year. He's underpriced Don't you agree? Look for him to put together a quality start because he has been pitching great just not striking out batters, I think that changes tonight. Dallas Keuchel is headed on the upswing it's just a matter of time, I pick tonight to rally his way back up to the top.


German Marquez (5.9k) He's facing the Pirates, he's improved from last year. If he has control over his pitches this play will be a great play. Alot of what if's but that what you get when you go for cheap plays but never the less he could be quality play if everything goes right. We saw Bartolo Colon last night do some magical things and he was cheap, you never know!


Sneaky Stacks 

Kris Bryant (5.4k) 3B and Anthony Rizzo (2k) 1B, Anthony Rizzo is coming off the DL and you need to be aware if he is in the lineup tonight. So CHECK BEFORE GAMETIME! repeat CHECK! Kris Bryant has been swinging a hot bat so he is a safe play. The highest run potential is with the Cubs tonight. The Cubs and the Cardinals are going to be a high scoring game. If you are hungry for some Cubs, go with the triple stack, and add an Ian Happ OF (3.5k) who is a great price.

Carlos Santana 1B (3.7k) and Oduebel Herrara OF (3.2k) Lefties at Atlanta are a lock tonight and these are the two best. I'm in love with Santana tonight and so should you. Triple Stack is playing a Ceasar Hernadez 2B (3.7k) but I would stick to the power tonight if you can afford him because of Atlanta field favors lefties.

Gut Check Play

Matt Olson 1B (3.5k) Have you looked at how many runs Oakland has been scoring lately? I think playing Oakland athletic is an interesting play tonight. There something going on in that lineup that makes me interested in an Oakland A's lineup and I think his power allows him to teeeeee off on one tonight. Talking the Third deck shot, you heard it here first. 

Dark Horse

Anthony Rizzo 1B (2k) I mean 2k for Rizzo, that's the play tonight. He's a lefty and Wainwright gets crushed by lefties. Coming off a back injury is always a risk but you are paying so little for him that it really has alot of upside. Just play him and thank me later. If he is out tonight Matt Olson (3.5k), Justin Smoak (3.8k) are great first base options.

because I'm nice Ill give you one more only because Rizzo might be out. 

Aledmy's Diaz SS (2.6k) lots of power potential in a great matchup. His price is something that makes him a dark horse, anyone one below 3k is a dark horse but Diaz and Rizzo will be heavily played tonight.

Topps Plays

hey, Topps cards I'm trying to get sponsored, so I'm naming this section after you. Some of my top lineup players are Justin Smoak, Matt Olson, and Carlos Santana pick one that you like and add with Rizzo if he plays if not then play two of the three above, you will thank me later but I'm gonna go with a bold pick for the top player in Dallas Keuchel coming out of his shell for a quality start and saving you 1.4k from not pitching Degrom. Stack as many Phillies lefties batters, Toronto righties batters and dont forget about cubs lefties tonight.

As always, May the fanduel odds forever be in your favor.