I did a quick interview with a local a producer that wanted me to share my story of building the Fantasy Sports Cave while living out of my car envisioning myself going to the World Series at Dodgers Stadium while sleeping outside the stadium months prior to even knowing if they would even make it.

And also visualizing that one day I would interview top professional athletes, coaches, journalist, and everyone in between the sports world! To now making those dreams come true, these last six months have been unreal for myself and seeing the growth of The Fantasy Sports Cave, I completely understand where I am with the business and I'm not getting ahead of myself but I also have the vision and goal where I plan on taking this business to the highest level possible. 

This summer I will be traveling to the 2018 World Cup in Russia while trying to visit majority of the countries that have punched their ticket to Russia, while also interviewing the community, fans, players, and coaches seeing what their expectations of their own countries are! 

Hopefully you have enjoyed the ride so far and continue to follow here at The Fantasy Sports Cave!