Liguilla MX Semi finals

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La liguilla MX is soon coming to a close but we couldn’t be more excited to watch these upcoming semi final matches that will take place to see who really is the top dog of the Mexican soccer club teams! It will definitely be an event you can’t miss out on! So let’s break it down between the two match ups and what to expect! 


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Cruz azul has been in and out of talks as being one of the powerhouse teams in Mexican clubs for years as for the past 20 years they had failed to win a title in the Mexican League but they never lost hope. They have kept fighting and have kept their spirits up until earlier this year they won the Apertura 2018 Copa MX Final against the team they will be facing today Monterrey 2-0 and now are in the semi finals for the Liguilla MX and don’t plan on slowing down. They ended up number one on the table for the Mexican clubs so you know they’re had been a lot of improvement in the club organization, the management and the players are truly showing passion for their club and their fans. 

Monterrey is basically the underdog of the top 4 finalist but who has everything to look forward too this tournament after eliminating the defending champions Santos on a (3-0) aggregate score in order to get to the semi final. Monterrey has always been in the talks about being one of the top teams in La Liga MX specially in the First Division teams but are in for a very important task as they face off Cruz Azul which has everything to prove!


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El Classico Capitalino will take place in the semi finals of the tournament as two of the most well known and top tier teams in Mexico will face off to reach La Liguilla MX final. Club America being arguably the best team in Mexican club history has no fear when facing Pumas specially with the players in their roster, and the project and coaching staff that is in place right now. They are coming in to show why Mexico bleeds Azul Crema and they’re passion from the fans in El Estadio Azteca are always ready with their heads set high and will never give up on their team no matter what.

After a tough battle  against Toluca to reach the semifinal they came out victorious on a (5-4) aggregate score which put into question if the team has true potential to win this tournament but non the less having Miguel Herrera as their head coach and having won several titles with the Club it’s certain they will not give up and give it their all. 

Pumas beat a team with a serious amount of playoff experience and what many are considering to be the future best team of Mexican Club soccer Tigre’s on a (4-3) aggregate score which many didn’t expect but was one hell of a show. With that it placed them to face Club America in how I mentioned previously the Clásico Capitalino which came about in the Early 1980’s and has been a talk ever since every time these two players face off. 

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the first leg of the match between Cruz Azul and Monterrey will take place today at 7pm (Mountain time) at estadio BBVA BANCOMER which is home for Monterrey. 

The first leg matchup between Club America and Pumas will take place tomorrow at 7pm (Mountain Time), in Estadio Olímpico de Universitario which is home for Pumas 

check your local listings and don’t miss out!