Clippers Season Ticket Holder Not Happy!

After posting on our Instagram feed that Blake Griffin got traded to the Detroit Pistons we got mixed reviews about the trade! Fellow loyal fan Mike Hartley (@bidoublefizzle) said "Should be a good move for Blake. Hopefully we get to see Blake from a years ago." Mike is excited to hopefully see the old Blake who would consistently posterize his NBA rivals on a daily night!


Patti Rivero (@pantonepatti) Clippers season ticket since 2009 said "I've had season tickets since 2009 when he got drafted. They expect us to be loyal to the team but yet they lie and don't care about their fans. Next year I'll find something better to spend my 8K on." I can't blame Rivero when your so invested in your team, that when an organization trades the teams star player it feels like they have given up on the team but like Rivero said seems like they "don't care about the fans." The timing of the trade just seemed bizarre. The Clippers fought so hard to get back into the playoffs and went 14-6 in the last 20 while missing 3-4 starters. For the Clippers and their fans the rebuilding has started it will only be a matter of time before we see DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams traded.

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