LA Chargers Game & Meeting LT

I met LaDainian Tomlinson aka LT it was an incredible experience talking with him. I wasn't expecting him to be next to us that when I turned around and noticed him I told my brother who was helping me film that we needed to go talk to him. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 3.50.34 AM.png

Word for more to what I said to LT "Yo LT I got my own sports channel do you mind if we do an interview" he said "Alright lets do it!" I was so hyped that I froze and forgot to ask him the questions that I wanted to ask him that all I said was "Man I remember playing you on Madden 24/7 you were my go to/the cheat code to the game! And ya that was it, and also the national anthem and game was about to start 

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