We have a new segment called “Fanatical Watch Party” we know we can’t make it to every sporting event. So we will be hosting watch parties at our offices in Los Angeles and we will be opening to all sports fans to come. 


The first was one was hosted this past week all by yours truly, the game was the notorious El Classico Barcelona vs. Real Madrid it was a test run and it went great! Barcelona crushed Real 3 - 0 the game was pretty up until the second half, when Barca just to over. 

The game was intense and entertaining the whole way through that just got me thinking and thought to myself if I’m having this much fun watching the game on my own filming this. Can’t wait to have some of the boys over fire up the grill and crack a few cold ones!


We will keep you updated and let you know when the next one will be held. Be sure to follow us on everything social media! 

The Fanatical Watch Party (2).png