Is Kyrie Making A misTAKE By Wanting out of the LAKE?

Reports came out that LeBron was “blindsided” and “devastated” that Kyrie wanted to be traded. It’s no secret that Kyrie and LeBron had their issues in the past but it seemed like after winning last years’ (2016) championship everything was all good. Everyone knows they lost to the Warriors super team this summer in the NBA Finals but seems there was more to the story that not many knew. It could also be because the Cleveland Cavaliers fired their GM David Griffin after being in the NBA Finals three years in a row and LeBron wasn’t too keen about this decision either. They also failed to add any superstars in this summer’s offseason to name a few Gordon Hayward went to the Boston Celtics, Jimmy Butler went to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Paul George went to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Cavs this summer picked up Jose Calderon and Jeff Green. Umm ya, those aren’t names that anyone fan or player can get excited about. Did Kyrie see the writing on the wall and didn’t see them beating the Warriors this year and wanted to leave before the so call rumors of LeBron leaving after next year? Or was it truly because he was tired of playing with LeBron and wants to be #1? Maybe a little bit of both but we will find out.

As of this writing the Cavs have agreed to sign Derrick Rose to a one year deal for $2.1 million and named Koby Altman as their next General Manager. So with the signing of Rose it looks like Cleveland is ready to move on from Kyrie Irving.